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Connect Classes

Before the Connect Classes begin, we host a fun, relaxed event where you can meet and engage with our Pastors. We usually meet in the home of someone on staff, eat great food, laugh and get to know each other, share our vision for the church, and answer any questions you may have!
Our Connect Classes are an important starting point for membership here at Applewood. The class takes place on Sundays after church for three consecutive weeks (lunch and childcare are included). Classes are designed to help each person understand our doctrine and beliefs, to identify and utilize their spiritual gifts, and get connected with the community of Applewood in a deeper way.

The three-week course will occur about every other month. If you’re interested in becoming a member at Applewood, keep your eye out for the next Party with the Pastors and RSVP on the Tear-Off in your Applewood|Today!