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Men in Ministry

The goal of Men in Ministry at Applewood Baptist Church is to engage men in living as Kingdom men who live obediently and faithfully as servants and stewards every day.  Through Bible studies, fellowship, prayer, ministry projects, small groups, and events men have the opportunity to be shaped, sharpened, and serve as Kingdom men.  Every man who is connected to Applewood is a part of Men in Ministry; the goal is to have every man be an active part!

Ongoing Men in Ministry Activities

Men in Study -  Tuesday Evenings (During the school year)

Tuesday nights is the time to meet with other men for examining truth from God’s Word and participating in studies that help to develop men as leaders in the home, the church, and the workplace. Large group and small group teaching and discussion models are used each week to help men get practical in the application of God’s Word.  The studies vary at times but are always targeted to helping men become Kingdom Men!

Men’s Prayer Breakfast - Tuesday Mornings

Tuesday morning is reserved for men to gather at the church, share in a breakfast meal (cooked by men), and then spend time in small group prayer for the church, church family needs, the nation, and for one another.  The fellowship is encouraging and a great way to start a Tuesday. 

HELPS Ministry

People often need assistance with projects around their homes when physical or financial resources are limited.  Men in Ministry offer teams of men who can help with such projects.  Everything from loading moving trucks, yard and landscaping, and other needs can often be completed by the Men in Ministry HELPS teams.  Any man can be a part of a HELPS project and can sign up to be on a team to be called on when requests are received.  The goal of the HELPS ministry is to have 5-6 teams of 8-12 men with a team leader.

3G@Applewood - 8 AM, First Saturday of Every Month

God, Guys, & Grub Saturday Morning Breakfast.  There is always good food, good fellowship, and a Gospel challenge.  It is a good way to meet other men and connect to Men in Ministry.

Other Groups and Periodic Activities

Accountability/Support Groups

Men are encouraged to form small groups of 3-4 men to meet regularly for holding each other accountable in life, whether it is spiritual disciplines, personal integrity and purity, or the marriage and family. These groups are developed from relationships men have and make through Men in Ministry.

Men In Ministry Retreat

The Men in Ministry retreat is a bi-annual opportunity to gather men together for the purpose of spiritual renewal and fellowship.  The retreat is comprised of outdoor activity, praise and worship, Biblical exhortation and prayer developed around a theme for men.  The retreat usually features a guest keynote speaker.  The retreat location varies, but is usually a Christian camp located just far enough away, to get away from the city.

Special Events

Click here for details and online registration!  Click here for a registration form if you want to register by mail.

These activities can range from bowling, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, BBQing, shooting, bicycling, etc.  The possibilities are unlimited!  It is best to watch church publications and/or check this website for details!

Contact: Derek Jones

Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 30