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Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

Expand the opportunity to get to know people, take a closer look at the Word of God and find a place to connect to the church as a whole through Sunday Morning Bible Study groups. Various groups for different ages are available to join! Find a group that helps you connect and get involved for encouragement in your walk with God through the study of His Word. These groups can also challenge you to reach out to other people who may need a place to connect to Jesus, God’s Word, and a group of believers growing together!

So make your church complete by getting connected to a Sunday Morning Bible Study group, 9:30 AM most every Sunday!

Current Adult Bible Study Groups - Sundays at 9:30 AM

Age range - Class Leader - Location (S = South building, N = North building)

  • college, Derek Jones, 101 N
  • young adults coed, Jay Kramarczyk, Choir Suite, S
  • young adult coed, Roland Paschall, 203-204 N
  • median adult coed singles, Steve Evans, 211 N
  • women, Missy Kintzel, 201 N
  • men, Shayne Kintzel, 209-210 N
  • median adult coed, Logan, 205 N
  • median adult coed, Steve Owens & David Lewis, 104 N
  • median adult coed, Bill Paschall, 103 N
  • median adult coed, Carl Graham, 102 N
  • hearing impaired, Strickland, 310 S
  • median adult coed, Al Simmons, 202 N
  • senior adult coed, Bob Oxford, 102-108 S
  • senior adult coed, Ralph Gray, 202-204 S
  • senior adult coed, Wendell Phillips, 206-208 S
  • los adultos de habla español, Rob Wolcott, 301 S

Concerned about stairs? We now have an elevator in the South building to enable you to reach the lower and upper levels easily!

Contact: Dave Brown, Pastor

Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 40

Contact: Sondra Simmons, Ministry Assistant
Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 29