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Feb 25, 2015

Pastor to People - March 2015

Written by Dr. Calvin Wittman  |  Found in: Newsletter

Revival, by its very definition, revives God’s people and when God’s people are revived, they are once again in tune with the heart of God.

Feb 18, 2015

A Season of Prayer

Written by Applewood Baptist Church  |  Found in: Main Articles

A Season of Prayer - Members praying in our prayer chapel

Jan 29, 2015

Pastor to People - February 2015

Written by Dr. Calvin Wittman  |  Found in: Newsletter

A few years ago several of our staff members and I went hiking up near the Continental Divide. Several members of our party decided that they did not like the trail and they were going to launch out on their own, finding their own way to the top. So several went another way and the rest of us stayed on the trail.

Jan 29, 2015

Men in Ministry Special Report: Wild Game Banquet

  |  Found in: Newsletter

Even though expectations were quite high for the Men in Ministry 2015 Wild Game Banquet on Friday, January 23, they were far exceeded! The over 150 men who attended enjoyed great food, much fellowship, and quite a few hunting stories provided by the various speakers (and others at each table).

Dec 31, 2014

Pastor to People - January 2015

Written by Dr. Calvin Wittman  |  Found in: Newsletter

As your pastor I am excited about what 2015 holds. I believe it holds the promise of things we have not yet seen, of things God wants to do, of things He has prepared for us, of things that He is waiting to accomplish through us. I believe it is going to be an exciting year. It is going to be an adventure of faith and I am grateful that we are going to be able to walk it together

Nov 30, 2014

Pastor to People - December 2014

Written by Dr. Calvin Wittman  |  Found in: Newsletter

December is one of my favorite months of the year, with the celebration of Christmas and the “wrapping up” of the year. Just over the horizon January awaits, with the promise of a new year a fresh beginning.