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Schedule for Midweek, Summer 2014

Wednesday nights at Applewood, March - May

6:30 PM  Child Care for ages birth through Kindergarten; Kid's Club for grades 1-6

6:30 PM  Wednesday Nite Live (grades 7-12)
            Prayer Meeting, Adult Classes,
            Adult Choir Rehearsal

7:45 PM  Orchestra Rehearsal

8:15 PM  Men's Basketball (Ages 18 & up)

Wednesday Adult Classes at 6: 30 PM

“Answers in Genesis” led by Dennis Appelhans (Starts Mar. 5 - all sessions are standalone - come any time!)

This dynamic and challenging 12-part DVD and discussion series upholds the authority of the Bible from its very first verse.  This is powerful, foundational teaching by one of today’s foremost defenders of the Bible’s accuracy and authority, Ken Ham.

In this series, "Aussie" Ken Ham equips Christians to stand firm in their faith, and to defend it against the onslaughts of today’s "me" centered, relativistic culture.  It has practical apologetics for every adult. 

  • How can we Evangelize a Secular World? (Part 1)      May 21
  • How can we Evangelize a Secular World? (Part 2)      May 28

Study guides will be provided.

To sign up for a Midweek class, email Sondra (below)

Contact: Dave Brown, Sr. Associate Pastor

Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 40

Contact: Sondra Simmons, Ministry Assistant
Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 29