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Schedule for Midweek, Fall 2014

Wednesday Nights at Applewood

4:30 PM

Awana Trek/Journey (Grades 7 & up)

5:00 PM

Family Dinner (Adults $5; kids 10 & under $2)

6:15 PM

Preschool Child Care
Awana for ages 2 years - 6th Grade

6:30 PM

Wednesday Nite Live (grades 7-12)
Prayer Meeting, Adult Classes,
Adult Choir Rehearsal,

7:45 PM

Praise Band/Orchestra Rehearsal

8:30 PM  

Men's Basketball (Ages 18 & up)

Wednesday Adult Classes at 6:30 PM

Christianity, Cults & Religions (ends Oct. 8)

How is Mormonism different from Christianity? What do Jehovah Witnesses actually believe about Jesus Christ?  What is the difference between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims? Christianity, Cults & Religion is a six week study taking a look at the reason for knowing what you believe and why to better distinguish the things taught by other cults and religions so that when the opportunity arises you will be better prepared to respond to a friend or neighbor of another faith. Book cost is $12. 

New Studies Coming:


Winning the war against worry. Starts Wed., Oct. 15.

The Art of Marriage

Getting to the heart of God's design for marriage.  Starts Wed., Oct. 22

To sign up for a Midweek class, email Dave or Sondra (below)

Contact: Dave Brown, Sr. Associate Pastor

Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 40

Contact: Sondra Simmons, Ministry Assistant
Phone: 303-232-9575 ext. 29